• CHRocodile C(엠프내장형)

    CHRocodile C(엠프내장형)

    측정 속도: 초당 최대 4000번
    측정 범위: 광학 프로브 교체 가능(200um, 1mm, 4mm, 10mm)
    사이즈 : 99 mm x 65 mm x 47 mm (프로브 미포함)
    무게: 400 g

  • Chromatic Line Sensor (CLS)

    Chromatic Line Sensor (CLS)

    Non-contact real time 3D inspection

    세계 최고의 sampling rate: Max 6kHz
    홀인원 타입. 광학 프로브(0.2mm, 1mm, 2.3mm, 4mm) 교체 가능
    In-line 검사에 탁월함

  • Mprobe 20 (Desktop)

    Mprobe 20 (Desktop)

    (Thin Film Thickness Measurement and more!)

    Precision : <0.01nm or 0.01%
    Accuracy : <0.2% or 1nm
    Stability : <0.02nm or 0.03%
    Spot Size : 2mm standard, 0.5mm with lense
    Sample Size : from 5mm

  • System 4

    System 4

    Features of System 4

    Industry standard outputs to suit any process
    monitoring, recording or control system

  • Flowmax 42! (유량센서)

    Flowmax 42! (유량센서)

    High precision Non-contact measurements

    Flowmax 42i is a flow meter calculating the volume flow of
    liquids. Based on the ultrasonic technology Flowmax 42i is
    able to measure conductive and non-conductive liquids
    contactfree. Flowmax has no moving parts and is
    absolutely free of wear.

  • SL Series

    SL Series

    Non-contact speed and length measurement on the production line

    최소속도: 0.1m/min - 0.6m/min
    최대속도: 2500m/min - 5000m/min
    이격거리 : 150mm - 2000mm
    측정범위: 25mm - 200mm
    정확도: ±0.05%
    반복성: ±0.02%

  • InteliSENS SL mini & SLR mini Series.

    InteliSENS SL mini & SLR mini Series.

    최소속도: 0.1m/min - 0.25m/min
    최대속도: 5000m/min
    이격거리: 120mm - 300mm
    측정범위: 20mm - 60mm
    정확도: ±0.05%
    반복성: ±0.02%

  • Chromatic confocal sensor
  • CLS
  • Winterthur - Coatmaster
  • MIB - Flowmax
  • Semiconsoft - Mprobe 20
  • LIR - System 4
  • 레이저 센서 2D
  • 속도 및 길이 측정센서