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  • Lump & Neck Detection


All Proton Products Lump & Neck Detectors:

  • Provide high-speed, non-contact, optical detection of lump and neck flaws.
  • Are housed in rugged enclosures to survive harsh industrial environments.
  • Are available with industry-standard communications interfaces fitted either as standard or as an option.
  • Available in a 2-axis models for budget applications and 3-axis models for maximum flaw coverage.
Very high speed detection of lump and neck flaws using LED illumination.
  • Accommodates object diameters from 0.4 to 25mm.
  • Minimum flaw height of 40μm + 1% object diameter.
  • Minimum flaw length of 0.5mm.
  • Line speeds up to 2500m/min.
  • Wire drawing lines.
  • Wire and cable insulation extrusion and jacketing lines.
  • Quality inspection during rewinding and coiling.