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Chromatic Line Sensor

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CHRocodile CLS, the PRECITEC chromatic confocal line sensor offers an incredibly fast 3D measurement of 384.000 points per second with nanometric scale resolution. Thanks to its robust and highly integrated design, CHRocodile CLS is perfectly suited for easy integration into inspection machines in the production line, including harsh industrial environments. An outstanding dynamic range and an excellent signal to noise ratio make the CHRocodile CLS the best measuring tool for all materials - including polished and highly tilted surfaces. With its unrivaled performance/price ratio, CHRocodile CLS is the best choice for ultrafast 3D inspection.


  • High-speed
  • Non-contact
  • Precise

User Friendly

  • Maintainance-free
  • Easy to integrate
  • Robust


  • Instantaneous profile measurement
  • Inline inspection
  • Interchangeable optical probes
  • Distance and Thickness

HIGH-SPEED 2,000 profiles/s, sampling 384,000 points/s

Sensor CHRocodile CLS
application distance, thickness
lines / second 100 - 2000
number of points / line 192
measuring range depends on optical probe
synchronization with external devices trigger input, synchronizing output, 5 encoder inputs
interface Ethernet, service ports: RS-422, USB
transfer rate 100 Mbit (Ethernet), 9600 - 921600 Baud (RS-422), 921600 Baud (USB: virtual comport)
light source LED
operating temperature +5°C up to +50°C
storage temperature -20°C up to +70°C
dimension without probe (w x h x d) 391 mm x 100 mm x 114 mm
weight 4 kg
supply voltage 24 +/- 10% V DC (with separate power supply 100 - 240 V AC / 50 Hz - 60 Hz)
rated power 40 W
protection class IP 50 (DIN 40050/ IEC 144)
note SDK available .NET Framework 4 and higher compatible
order number 5007994 (straight); 5007995 (90° angled)
The given data was generated for a typical application and may be different given other circumstances. Furthermore misprints, changes and/or innovations may lead to differences in the listed measurements, technical data and features. Therefore all information is non-binding and technical data, measurements as well as features are not guaranteed by information in this product information.

Optical Probe

1) bottom of optical probe to middle of measuring range | 2) measurement on perpendicular mirror at 20° C | 3) decreasing accuracy on the limits | 4) refractive index n = 1.5

Dimensional drawings

Available configurations (90° angled / straight)

External interface