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  • Inner diameter measurement system
  • Basic technical data

Inner diameter measurement system

ConoPoint with periscope

  • inner diameater measurement with the very small size, Φ5
  • 180° Rotation
  • 150° Angular coverage
  • Measurement for object of the direction as an angle of 90° with standard sensor
  • Applicable to all conopoint sensor(ConoPoint-10, ConoPoint-20)
  • Application for standard 75mm lens(possible to use by Customizing other lens)
  • API manual and DLL S/W library(C, C++, C#, Labview support)

Technical Specification

Accessory type Periscope for 75mm lenx
P/N 3Z80510
Measurement Range mm 9.5
Clearance mm 0.5
Linearity ±% 0.15
Repeatability um 0.3

Lateral Axis X/Y

X laser Spot Size um 47
Angular Coverage ° 150

General specifications

Weight Periscope gr 120

Maximum depth range

Maximum Penetration mm 15
Minimum Hole Diameter mm 6