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InteliSENS™ LN Series

InteliSENS™ LN2030 - front view (with optional AiG2 interface display unit and Bluetooth antenna)
InteliSENS™ LN3030 - front view (with optional AiG2 interface display unit and Bluetooth antenna)
InteliSENS™ LN2030 - connector panel view
InteliSENS™ LN3030 - in operation


  • Provides very high-speed, non-contact optical detection of insulation lump and neck flaws for cables up to 25mm in diameter.
  • Available in a 2-axis model for budget applications and a 3-axis model for maximum flaw coverage.
  • Housed in rugged enclosures to survive harsh industrial environments.
  • Fitted with an integrated airwipe system that maintains optical window cleanliness.
  • Completely solid-state design with no moving parts for long life and high reliablity.
  • Available with industry-standard communications interfaces fitted either as standard or as an option.


Proton Products InteliSENSTM LN series 2-axis and 3-axis lump and neck detectors provide outstanding product quality supervision.

The InteliSENSTM LN Series uses LED light sources, high-speed digital signal processing (DSP) and specialized optical design technology to inspect, alarm and report Surface Quality Defects (SQD) as they happen, reducing customer complaints and improving your reputation as a quality product supplier.


The LED Constant Light Sources illuminate the circumference of the product and any change in the surface profi­le is immediately detected by a photodiode optical receiver which reports the height, length and location of lump and neck flaws along and around the product.

Extremely easy to install, integrate and operate, InteliSENSTM LN series lump and neck detectors may be used as a standalone device or integrated with production line PLCs.

Optional audio/visual alarm units, fault ticket printers and data logging PC software are available to compliment any InteliSENSTM LN series model to close the loop on Quality Control.

Applications include production processes such as wire drawing, braiding, cable insulation and jacketing, rewinding and coiling, rubber and plastic extrusion processes for hose, tube and pipe production.

Operating principle

Proton Products InteliSENSTM LN series lump and neck detectors use LED light sources to illuminate the circumference of the cable under inspection. Light that is not obscured by the cable is focused onto a high-speed photo-detector. A custom FPGA-processor detects and logs any sudden changes in the detected light caused by lump or neck flaws in the cable insulation. This signal processing is performed 100,000 times a second to ensure that even the smallest flaws are detected at the highest line speeds.


Proton Products InteliSENSTM LN series lump and neck detectors are available in 2 and 3-axis models (InteliSENSTM LN2030 and LN3030 respectively). Whilst the 2-axis LN2030 model is suitable for budget or non-critical applications, the 3-axis LN3030 model offers a greatly improved detection probability for even the smallest flaws.



Number of axes23axes
Optical gate width30mm
Object diameter0.425mm
Fault height0.04 + 1% of object Ømm
Fault length (line speed dependent)0.5mm
Tolerance set range0.0410mm
Tolerance set resolution0.001mm
Line speed (fault length dependent)2500m/min
Minimum time between faults (user configurable)19999ms
Signal processing rate200kHz/axis
Power supply voltage152432VDC
Power consumption (with optional AiG2-LN display)20W
Operating temperature545°C
Environmental protectionIP67-
Light sourceLED
Air wipeIntegrated with 6mm push-fit air line fitting
Measurement units (user configurable)Flaw heightmillimetresinches
Line speedmetres/minutefeet/min

Standard Interfaces

2x digital inputsUser configurable functionLength resetEnd of reel/Print activation
Maximum input voltage24Vdc
3x isolated contact relay outputsUser configurable functionGauge OKLumpNeckFlaw count exceeded
Maximum voltage50VDC or 30VAC
Maximum current0.5A
2x line speed pulse inputsMaximum frequency250kHz (user scalable)
Maximum input voltage30V or 50V pulses (two separate inputs)
Communications interfacesRS-232*RS-422 / RS-485CAN-bus**Ethernet TCP/IP
*An optional RS-232-to-USB converter cable is available for connection to USB equipped computers.
**CAN-bus protocol is proprietary and reserved for connection to other Proton Products equipment such as a Proton AiG2-LN interface display unit or Proton NEXiS CS Series controller.

Optional Interfaces

Must be specified for installation at time of manufacture, cannot be retrofitted.

4x Analogue outputsX, Y, Z axis voltage output; user scalable to ±10Vdc
Analogue input (user configurable)Line speed or flaw height setting; user scalable to 0~10Vdc
WirelessBluetooth (not available in units destined for European markets)
CommunicationsChoice of any one of: PROFIBUS; EtherNet/IP or DeviceNET