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Inner diameter measurement system


RF096-45/55 내경 측정 시스템

Parameter Value
The range of measured diameters, mm 45…55
Laser sensor range, mm 10
Laser sensor accuracy, um ±10
Max laser sensor sample frequency, kHz 9,4
Angle scan resolution, points/circle 3200
Laser sensor temperature drift, of the range/0С 0,02%
Light source red semiconductor laser, 660 nm wavelength, Class 2
Interface Ethernet
Power supply, V 24
Power consumption, W 3
Environmentalresistance Enclosure rating IP54
Vibration 20g/10…1000Hz, 6 hours, for each of XYZ axes
Shock 30 g / 6 ms
Operation temperature, °С -10…+60
Permissible ambient light, lx 10000
Relative humidity 5-95% (no condensation)
Storage temperature -20…+70 , °С

RF096-150/400-2000 내경 측정 시스템

Measured ID range, mm 150…400
Sub-ranges for two lase sensors, mm 140…285 and 265…410
Laser sensors linearity, microns ±35
Laser sensors resolution, microns 5
Laser sensors sample frequency, kHz 70
Sensors laser power, mW 3
Angle scan resolution, arcminutes 4
Linear translation range, mm 2000
Linear translation accuracy, mm ±0,05
Linear translation resolution, mm programmable, from 0,02
ID measurement accuracy, mm ±0,05
Interface Ethernet
Power supply, V 24
Measurement speed, profiles/s 4


Parameters Ranges Accuracy Method
Inner diameter 25, 30, 37 mm ±0,005 mm Rotating triangulation laser sensor (laser scanner)
57 mm ±0,005 mm Two rotating triangulation laser sensor (laser scanner)
100, 105 mm ±0,01 mm
Rifling width and height 0,1…7 mm ±0,03…0.1 mm Rotating triangulation laser sensor/sensors (laser scanner)
Rifling angle - 0,008 deg
Straightness (warpage) ±4 mm (X) ±4 mm (Y) ±0,005 mm Control position of measurement probe (PSD­detector) according to laser beam passing inside the bore
Measurement head position inside the bore 10 m ±0,005 mm Laser range finder
Inner surface defects     High resolution camera with 3-chnnels LED lighting
Measurement speed 1 section/s    
Measurement probe translation methods     1. Manual, by using a stiff composite rod.
2. Self-propelled
Connection to control PC     1. Cable
2. Wi-Fi