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Production Line Control

NEXiS™ CS5G / CS1000 Series

NEXiS™ CS1000-S controller - front view
NEXiS™ CS1000 - connector panel view
NEXiS™ CS5G - software screenshot


  • Provide PI control of insulation thickness on wire and cable insulation extrusion lines.
  • Proton Products advanced line control software runs on the NEXiS™ CS5G touch screen industrial PC which controls either a NEXiS™ CS1000-S or NEXiS™ CS1000-T controller unit.
  • Can control either one extruder or capstan drive (NEXiS™ CS1000-S) or two extruders (NEXiS™ CS1000-T) for double extrusion lines (such as for nylon jacketed, PVC-insulated THWN or THHN cables).
  • NEXiS™ CS1000-S controller can receive diameter measurement data from up to 3 DG gauges; NEXiS™ CS1000-T controller can receive diameter measurement data from up to 6 DG gauges.
  • Independent setting of tolerances, shrinkage, alarm functions and speed input.
  • Highly versatile and customizable control solution which can be adapted to almost any extrusion application.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Proton Products InteliSENS™ SL and SLR Series Speed and Length Gauges for line speed measurement.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Proton Products InteliSENS™ DG series diameter gauges for insulation diameter measurement.
  • Housed in a 19-inch rack-mountable enclosure.


The Proton Products NEXiSTM CS5G Series of production line controllers are for use on wire insulation or other extrusion production lines.

NEXiSTM CS5G Systems consist of a NEXiSTM CS5G touch screen PC connected to either a NEXiSTM CS1000-S (single extruder or capstan drive) or NEXiSTM CS1000-T (double extruder) controller. The NEXiSTM CS5G functions as a sophisticated user interface for configuring and monitoring the NEXiSTM CS1000 controller.

NEXiSTM CS1000 controllers connect to Proton Products diameter gauges and speed and length gauges for measurement of insulation diameter and line speed respectively. These measurements are then fed into a PI feedback controller whose fully-isolated and floating output may be used to drive insulation extruders or capstan drives.

Insulation diameter is thus actively controlled and kept within tolerance by the NEXiSTM CS1000 controller.



NEXiSTM CS5G + CS1000-SSingle channel controller supports one PI feedback control output and up to 3 DG gauges.
NEXiSTM CS5G + CS1000-TDual channel controller supports two PI feedback control outputs and up to 6 DG gauges.


NEXiSTM CS5G touch screen PC

17-inch colour graphical touch screen display

NEXiSTM CS1000-S controller

(NEXiSTM CS1000-T controllers duplicate all functions below for a total of 6× DG Series gauges and 2× PI Controller outputs).

Serial communicationsRS232USBCANbus - (for connection to up to 3× DG Series gauges)
Line speed inputsAnalogueTwo inputs available for 0 to 10V and 0 to 50V analogue line speed signals; end-user configurable scaling
PulseTwo inputs available for 0 to 3V and 0 to 10V pulsed line speed signals; maximum frequency 250 kHz; end-user configurable scaling
4×Relay contact outputsFunction (end-user configurable)Gauge OKSSFD lump or neck flaw detectedX or Y upper tolerance exceededX or Y lower tolerance exceeded
X upper tolerance exceededX lower tolerance exceededY upper tolerance exceededY lower tolerance exceeded
ElectricalMaximum voltage50VDC / 30VAC
Maximum current500mA
On resistance (@ 100mA)< 0.1Ω
Off resistance> 10 MΩ
Analogue output 1Function (end-user configurable)ØXØXY
ElectricalOutput voltage range0V to +10V
Maximum output current2mA
Output voltage scaling is end-user configurable
Analogue output 2Function (end-user configurable)ØYAverage Error
ElectricalOutput voltage rangeØY: 0V to +10V
Average Error: -10V to +10V
Maximum output current2mA
Output voltage scaling is end-user configurable
Control algorithmAdvanced Control Algorithm (ACA)
SPCGraphical histogramCpCpk
SPC controlStatistical Process Control: minimize insulation material consumption whilst maintaining in tolerance insulation diameter
FFTFast Fourier Transform: displays amplitude versus frequency of periodic diameter variations
SSFDSingle Scan Flaw Detection: detection of lump and neck flaws
PresetsNominal diameter+Tolerance-Tolerance+Flaw (Lump)-Flaw (Neck)
Product recipes50 sets of product presets may be stored in memory for rapid recall
StatisticsMean diameterStandard deviation (sigma)Maximum diameterMinimum diameter
Power supply voltage (rms)84264VAC
Power supply frequency47440Hz
Power supply current (rms)1A
Power consumption35W
Ambient temperature545°C
Relative humidity @ 38°C / 105°F90%
Ingress Protection (IP) ratingIP50-
PI Controller output voltage-1010V
PI Controller output current10mA
PI Controller output resistance10Ω
PI Controller resolution12bit