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  • Flight spot 2D scanner


Flight spot 2D scanner

  • Line Measuring range(X-axis) 630mm
  • Accuracy X, mm ±0,5
  • Scan sampling rate up to 40Hz
  • Output interface Ethernet

Overall dimension


Range, Z-axis, mm 1000
Start of measurement range (SMR),mm 225
End of measurement range (EMR),mm 1225
Scan angle, degrees(°) ±15°
Range, X-axis, mm (EMR) 630
Resolution x-axes 1024 points/profile
Size, mm 45x94x210
Scan sampling rate(profiles/s) 40
Accuracy Z, mm ±1
Accuracy X, mm ±0,5
Output interface Ethernet
Laser Class 3R(RED or BLUE)
Powersupply 24Vdc
Power consumption 200mA